As legislative bills concerning water and wastewater utilities come forth, we will do our best to keep you updated and informed. You will find our new Legislative Corner under the Things to Know tab at the top of the screen for legislative update information.

Below is a list of some legislative bills MRWA is tracking. Simply click on the HB # to go directly to each bill’s webpage. For a comprehensive list of all bills to watch or to find your state senator or district representative, go to MRWA’s Legislative Corner.


House Bills

HB 343 Customer Notification

HB 353 Non-Election Successions

HB 360 Threatening Building Security

HB 383 Delinquent Utility Payments

HB 424  Missouri Sunshine Law

HB 432 Election Costs

HB 475 Prevailing Wage (Public Works projects less than $ 500,000)

HB 476 Prevailing Wage Exemption

HB 478 Eminent Domain