Legislative Corner



This is our dedicated Legislative Update page. As legislative bills concerning water and wastewater utilities come forth, we will do our best to keep you updated and informed.  We will also use this area of the MRWA website to post National Headlines that impact rural water and wastewater utilities across the country. Below is an updated list of new legislative bills MRWA is tracking. Simply click on the HB # or SB # to go directly to each bill’s webpage. We encourage you to get to know your legislators and let them know how proposed legislation affects you and the operation of your utility. Click seals to find your State Senator or State Representative.


Updated Senate Bills 2-3-17

SB 372 Reduction in State Administration
SB 384 Public Service Commission and Public Utilities
SB 389 Initiative Petitions

Updated House Bills 2-3-17

HB 798 Taxes, Fees, Licenses, and Levys

Updated House Bills 1-23-17

HB 640 Agricultural land acquired through eminent domain
HB 656 Uniform wireless communication infrastructure deployment act

Updated House Bills 1-13-17

HB 527 Customer Utility Protection Act
HB 545 Public Bonds
HB 548  Public Funds for Lobbying Activities
HB 566 Competitive Bids

Updated Senate Bills 1-13-17

SB 270 Public Utilities
SB 281  PWSD Board Member Training

House Bills

HB 343 Customer Notification
HB 353 Non-Election Successions
HB 360 Threatening Building Security
HB 383 Delinquent Utility Payments
HB 424  Missouri Sunshine Law
HB 432 Election Costs
HB 475 Prevailing Wage (Public Works projects less than $ 500,000)
HB 476 Prevailing Wage Exemption
HB 478 Eminent Domain


House Bills                                                     Senate Bills

HB 78 – Prevailing Wage                                                                    SB 20 – Prevailing Wage
HB 82 – Sales Tax Exemption                                                           SB 29 – Prevailing Wage
HB 85 – Move Over Law                                                                     SB 36 – Property Tax Exemption
HB 99 – Bidding                                                                                   SB 69 – Leave from Employment
HB 104 – Prevailing Wages on Public Works                                 SB 91 – Minimum Wage
HB 126 – Fairness in Public Construction                                      SB 145-Small Water & Sewer Corporations
HB 132 – Prevailing Wage Laws                                                       SB 150 – Employee Wages
HB 148 – Adverse Possession                                                            SB 182 – Project Labor Agreements
HB 167 – Minimum Wage                                                                 SB 184 – Water & Sewer Corporation Rates
HB 196 – Meter Installations                                                             SB 187 – Utility Vehicles
HB 206 – Sample Collection by Governmental Entities              SB 190 – Public Utility Rates
HB 243 – Utility Rate Adjustments                                                  SB 205 – Employee Wages
HB 247 – Sale of Municipally-Owned Water/Sewer systems
HB 309 – Prevailing Wage Exemption for Municipalities