Missouri’s Finest Water Utility Training Comes to the Southeast!

By Tom Hyatt, MRWA Water Training Specialist

Southeast Missouri will host 10 hours of continuing education to water and wastewater specialists August 22 and 23 at the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff. This will also be the 10th year that Missouri Rural Water Association has brought its specialized training in a conference setting to southeast Missouri.

The annual Bootheel Expo brings water and wastewater specialists, managers, decision makers, and utility office professionals to this event. Additionally, product and service providers display their wares and discuss troubleshooting methods and latest technologies.

“Wastewater track’s first day will be ‘Hands-On’ control panel sessions all day,” says MRWA Marketing Coordinator Andy Bowman. Meanwhile, drinking water sessions will center on the theme of finding and repairing a water main break that day.

The following day’s sessions will include ammonia removal methods, inspection preparations, SCADA setup and troubleshooting, and effective communications.

MRWA conferences also bring Office Professional Training as well as Board and Council Training. These full day, separate sessions offer valuable information to administrative staff members and decision makers, uniquely tailored to their responsibilities.

The Bootheel Expo not only nourishes minds but bodies, too. MRWA provides a full breakfast both days and a bountiful lunch Tuesday. There are also plenty of refreshments and snacks available.

Talented conference attendees will participate in the MRWA Excavator Rodeo. Displaying one’s heavy equipment skills involves competing in a timed course of precision demonstrations. The top three winners earn cash prizes for their prowess. The two with the highest scores, meanwhile, rank among contestants in the Grand Masters Rodeo Finals at the Fall Operations Symposium in October. The winner of that event will take home the $1,000 grand prize.

The Bootheel Expo, like other MRWA conferences, offers frequent opportunities for winning prizes. Exhibitors sponsor prize drawings during lunch and breaks.

Bowman reminds conference-goers about MRWA’s Conference Information app, available for iPhone and Android users at their online app stores. “They can see class schedules, exhibit hall layout, and … we are hoping to be able to list prize winners throughout the day on the app, instead of them trying to see it on a big screen overhead.”

Just as MRWA makes navigating its conferences easier with that handy app, it works untiringly to make navigating one’s daily work at Missouri’s water and wastewater utilities more manageable. It accomplishes this with a wide range of services. Some of these include underground utility mapping, leak detection, sewer line smoke-testing and videography, mechanical and treatment problem troubleshooting, source water protection guidance, and regulatory assistance.