waterhero_sensor-1100x725A Boston-area startup called Water Hero has developed a consumer device and mobile app that tracks a home’s water use and can therefore let you see when you have leaks and or burst pipes.

The company’s sensor straps onto the side of a municipal water meter and detects how much water is flowing. A separate motor would then clamp onto the valve to shut it off automatically, if necessary. The mobile app does analytics and displays the data.

Read the whole story here: http://www.xconomy.com/boston/2014/12/22/two-guys-a-connected-home-and-kickstarter-the-water-hero-story/

The dilemma for water systems is that this device looks like someone is tampering with the meter to try and get it to stop reading.  (We all remember someone trying to stop the meter with a magnet taped to it.) Also the action of someone adding a different shut off valve than the one now on your meter setting, or even damaging the current meter setting if changed by someone unauthorized.

If you see one of these in the future, you might now realize it for what it is.