Legislative Corner

This is our dedicated Legislative Update page. As legislative bills concerning water and wastewater utilities come forth, we will do our best to keep you updated and informed.  We will also use this area of the MRWA website to post National Headlines that impact rural water and wastewater utilities across the country.  We encourage you to get to know your legislators and let them know how proposed legislation affects you and the operation of your utility.

Legislative Foot Work in Action

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From the Executive Director


Dear Missouri Drinking Water/Wastewater System

We begin the monitoring of the bills in the 99th General Assembly for the year 2018.  There are many bills being filed this year.  Below, we begin listing the ones that we are watching and following on your behalf.  This list may grow or shrink, as needed.  At this time, we are not proclaiming any formal stands “for” or “against” any bill, but rather, bringing forth the ones that may be of interest.

At this point, I am not going to list the various bills addressing Prevailing Wage.  I can assure you, there are many.  As time moves along, we will definitely identify the actions and legislation that we may need to address and will list those on this page.

Please check here regularly, for the legislative situation literally changes daily.  We will be providing more commentary as the legislative year progresses.

I am,

Sincerely yours,

Randy L. Norden

Executive Director

Bills to Watch

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HB 1272 – Lant
This bill would allow political subdivisions to opt out of prevailing wage requirements for public works projects that are less than $750,000.  The bill was scheduled for hearing January 23rd, in the House Economic Development Committee.

HB 1279 – Beck
This bill would require certain data protection actions and notifications if data is breached.  Includes governmental entities in these requirements.

HB 1446 – Eggleston
This bill would increase the population for municipalities that don’t have to hold elections from 1,000 to 2,000.

HB 1510 – Cross
This bill would prohibit municipalities from making internal inspections of homes.  May conflict with the backflow prevention regulations.

HB 1877 – Miller
This bill would establish the Missouri Water Safety and Security Act.  It contains wording that directly affects all public drinking water systems and makes many operational procedures and regulatory issues legally binding to be performed.

HB 1903 – Walker
This bill would add a “heritage value” component to be considered in utility expansion condemnation proceedings.  This bill has not been referred to a committee.

HB 1909 – Brattin
This bill would require candidates in smaller political subdivisions to declare a political party affiliation when filing for once.  This bill has not been referred to a committee.

HB 1947 – Alferman
This bill would reduce the required vote from 2/3 to a majority in order for a fourth-class city to sell a utility.

HB 2113 – Roden
This bill would prohibit public water supply districts from requiring certain charges and deposits.  This bill has not been referred to a committee.

HB 2213 – Lichtenegger
This bill would require a public drinking water supply seeking to modify its fluoridation to be required to seek and receive information about the impact of public water fluoridation from the local health department.

SB 598 – Riddle
This bill would require the Missouri Department of Transportation to provide a 12- foot wide utility corridor int he right of way when space is reasonably available.

SB 658 – Hegeman
This bill would allow a municipality to sell their utility with only a majority vote.

SB 659 – Hegeman
This bill would increase from $1,400 to $3,000 the “per connection” grant that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources could issue to assist in certain water and sewer projects.