WaterDrop Awards for Excellence

MRWA recognizes excellence among its membership! We provide the following awards of recognition annually:

At the March Annual Conference

  • Drinking Water System of the Year
  • Wastewater System of the Year
  • Sourcewater Protection System of the Year
  • Newsletter/Website of the Year
  • Dell Cornell Education Scholarship
  • Randy Johnson Education Scholarship

At the October Office Professionals’ Seminar

  • Office Professional of the Year
  • Office Professional Educational Scholarship

At the October Fall Operations and Maintenance Symposium

  • Water Operator of the Year
  • Wastewater Operator of the Year

We are always taking nominations for the above awards. If you would like to nominate a system or system employee for an award, you can find the nomination form below.

Nominate Someone for an Award

  • Nominations are accepted year-round. Deadlines for nominations are listed with award listing.
  • Must be an MRWA member system, employee of an MRWA member system, or hold an individual MRWA membership.
  • Your city, water district, or business, etc...
  • Provide specific information on why that person, or system, deserves this award, avoiding generalized statements.

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