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Board of Directors & Staff

At Missouri Rural Water Association, our mission is to be the leading source of professional services, support, and representation for Missouri water and wastewater utilities.

Meet the men and women behind our mission

MRWA has assembled a staff of professionals who bring extensive experience to bear in managing the Association’s programs. The Board of Directors and Staff are dedicated to assisting water and wastewater systems throughout the state in providing quality water to all Missourians.

Missouri Rural Water Association
Board of Directors

David Waller

Board President & National Director

Representing: Region #2

Term of Office: March 2023 – March 2026 (Elected to serve a 3-year term)

Phone: 660/385-6457

Fax: 660/385-6006


Macon County – PWSD #1 PO Box 386 Macon, MO 63552

Tammie Winter

Board Member

Representing: Region #3

Term of Office: March 2021– March 2024 (Elected to serve a 3-year term)

Phone: 660/584-2344

Fax: 660/584-7650


Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. 2 of Lafayette, Johnson And Saline Counties 1801 Walnut Street Higginsville, MO 64037

Janet Sears


Representing: Region #4

Term of Office: March 2023 – March 2026 (Elected to serve a 3-year term)

Phone: 573/449-0324

Fax: 573/442-9222


Boone County C-PWSD #1 1500 North 7th Street Columbia, MO 65201

Melinda Piper


Representing: Region #6

Term of Office: March 2023 – March 2026 (Elected to serve a 3-year term)

Phone: 417.682.3401

Fax: 417.682.3038


Barton County C-PWSD #1 1009 E 11th St, Box 586 Lamar, MO 64759

Paul Michael Shaw

Board Member

Representing: Region #7

Term of Office: March 2021 – March 2024 (Elected to serve a 3-year term)

Phone: 573/333-0147

Fax: 573/333-4247


Municipal Bldg, 200 W Third St, Caruthersville, MO 63830

Missouri Rural Water Association Staff

You may email these staff members by simply clicking on their emails below or call their listed phone number.

MRWA Executive Staff

The executive staff and office staff are responsible for the administration and daily operation of the association.

Howard Baker

Executive Director

Howard joined the MRWA staff in June 2009. His 37 years of experience include 16 years as the water and wastewater superintendent for Johnson County PWSD #3. He has also worked for Johnson County PWSD #2, the City of Lawton, Oklahoma wastewater treatment plant, and served in the U.S. Air Force as an Environmental Support Specialist at Whiteman Air Force Base. Howard holds a DW-A drinking water treatment and DS-III drinking water distribution certification, plus a WW-A wastewater certification.

Crystal Cooper

Chief Financial Officer

Contact Crystal with questions regarding MRWA billing or accounting. Crystal has been with MRWA since 1999. She coordinates the day-to-day operations of the office in Ashland, oversees financial accounting and maintenance of records.

MRWA Office Staff

Saem Yem

Member Services Secretary

Contact Saem regarding system, individual, or associate membership. As Member Services Secretary, she is responsible for tracking and updating the member database as well as the Resource Directory. Saem is also involved with conference preparations, bookkeeping, and federal program reporting.

Maggie Dixon

Training Secretary

Contact Maggie regarding training registrations. As Training Secretary, she is responsible for tracking and updating training class and conference registrations, training information, and is your first point of contact for on-line training issues.

Andy Bowman

Marketing Coordinator

Prior to joining the MRWA team in September 2015 as a Water Training Specialist, Andy served his hometown in southeast Missouri as Director of Public Works where his job duties included distribution operator and wastewater operator. While there, he earned his DS-II certification, WW-C certification, and Backflow Assembly Tester Certification. In December 2016, he took the position of MRWA Marketing Coordinator.

Contact Andy with questions, comments, or concerns with the following:

  • Conference Inquiries
  • MRWA Website
  • MRWA Social Media
  • MRWA e-NewsUpdates
  • WaterLines Magazine

MRWA Circuit Riders

Drinking-Water Circuit Riders provide on-site technical assistance to publicly-owned drinking water systems. The TMF Circuit Rider and the Small System Circuit Rider provide on-site technical assistance with Technical Managerial and Financial needs including compliance issues to all systems including small drinking water systems that tend to be privately owned, such as mobile home parks, subdivisions, and businesses. The Management Circuit Riders provide training and on-site technical assistance to decision-makers, managers, and office professionals.

Joe Anstine

Drinking Water Circuit Rider

Joe Anstine joined the MRWA Staff in December 2002. Prior to joining MRWA Joe was the Superintendent for the City of Leeton where he attended the daily operations of the water and wastewater systems. Joe holds a DW-A certification, a WW-D certification, and a DS-III certification. Joe was Chief Operator for the City of Leeton in 1997 when the system received Water System of the Year from MRWA. In 2000, Joe was named Wastewater Operator of the Year by MRWA and in 2001 Joe was named Water Operator of the Year for the Northwest section of the Missouri Water and Wastewater Conference. Contact Joe with any questions regarding drinking water.

Nathan Lines

Drinking Water Circuit Rider

Nathan joined the MRWA staff in March 2022, and has 15 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. Prior to joining the MRWA staff, Nathan was the public works director for the City of Lincoln, where he served for 8 years. He currently holds a DS-II certification as well as a WW-D certification.

Contact Nathan with any questions regarding drinking water.

Melody Molder

Drinking Water Circuit Rider

Melody joined the MRWA team in June 2023.  She worked for the City of Hermitage as their City Clerk for the last 5 years. She currently has an AA in Medical Administrative Assistant from Bolivar Technical College and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Contact Melody for assistance with technical, managerial, and financial questions or issues in drinking water.

Wayne Roderman

Resource Conservation Circuit Rider

Holder of DW-A, DS-III, and WW-A certifications, Wayne joined the Missouri Rural Water Association team in January 1999 as Ground Water Technician. Wayne’s experience includes 11 years as the water and wastewater superintendent for the City of Ellington. As Resource Conservation Circuit Rider, contact Wayne with questions regarding:

  • Water Loss
  • Water Loss Calculation
  • Water Meters
  • Leak Detection
  • Line Location
  • Valve Location
  • Leak Detect Meter Installation
  • Water Conservation

Liz Grove

Management Circuit Rider

Contact Liz with any question of a managerial nature including decision-makers, clerks, and office professionals. Liz is also the contact regarding the Certified Office Professional Program. Liz has a BA in Political Science from Truman State University and an MBA degree from Quincy University. She holds a DW-A certification and a DS-III certification. She is currently chair of the Missouri Safe Drinking Water Commission. Liz and her husband, Jeff, have three sons and live near Monroe City, Missouri. In her spare time, she teaches a GED class in Monroe City and raises a large vegetable garden every summer.

Valarie Main

Technical, Managerial, Financial (TMF) Specialist

Before joining the MRWA team in September 2022, Valarie worked for the City of Otterville as city clerk. She is very active in her community serving on the PTO, Otterville Pool Board, and Otterville Fair Board. That same civic-mindedness was what drove Valarie to leave her 15-year career as a supervisor in the medical billing field to help her hometown through a difficult time.

Contact Valarie for assistance with technical, managerial, and financial questions or issues.

Jim Patton

EPA Water TTA/Small System Circuit Rider

Jim joined the staff of MRWA in January of 2004. Prior to his employment with MRWA, Jim served as Water Superintendent and Chief Operator with the City of St. Robert. Jim was also employed by the City of Crocker water/wastewater department. Contact Jim with questions regarding EPA training/technical assistance and small systems.

Mary West-Calcagno

Wastewater TMF Circuit Rider

Prior to joining MRWA in April 2022, Mary worked for the City of Moberly for a combined total of 10 years as Utility Director overseeing the drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and billing systems. She led the efforts to update the drinking water plant, lift stations, and water and sewer systems, passing three multi-million dollar bond issues and associated rate increases. She also worked as the Environmental Services Manager for the Missouri Public Utility Alliance and as the Midwest Wastewater Marketing Principal for Jacobs Engineering in St. Louis. Mary is a certified DW-A operator and DS-II operator. Mary was previously certified as a WW-A operator. Mary has more than 35 years of experience in municipal utilities at all levels.

Contact Mary for assistance with technical, managerial, or financial issues in wastewater.

MRWA Apprenticeship

Billy Everett

Apprenticeship Coordinator

Before joining MRWA in August of 1989, Billy spent five years with the City of Hollister, Missouri, where he was maintenance superintendent. Billy has completed a number of training courses on such topics as submersible motors, wiring and electricity, supervision, and leak and pipe location. In 2002, Billy was selected by his peers nationally as “Circuit Rider of the Year.”

As the MRWA Apprenticeship Coordinator, contact Billy with questions on the MRWA Apprenticeship Program either as an apprentice or as a system wanting to participate in the program.

Donald Jones

Apprenticeship Trainer

MRWA’s Apprenticeship Trainer, Donald Jones, joined the staff of MRWA in February 2015. Prior to being employed by MRWA Donald was employed by the Department of Natural Resources as a Water Specialist III in the South East Regional Office. While with MoDNR, Donald did technical assistance, performed operator certification training, and helped facilities with all different types of compliance issues. Prior to working for MoDNR, Donald began his career in the water industry in December 2000 while employed by the City of Caruthersville. While working for the City, Donald acquired a WW-A certification, a DW-B certification, and a DS-III certification. Donald has worked in every aspect of the water and wastewater field. In 2009 Donald won the Kramer Award from MWWC SE Section.

Wastewater Technicians

Wastewater Technicians provide on-site technical assistance, and some limited amount of classroom training, for publicly-owned wastewater systems. Please click to email or call their cell phone number.

Gary Webber

Wastewater Technician

Contact Gary with any questions regarding wastewater issues. Gary Webber, MRWA’s Wastewater Technician, joined the staff of MRWA in March of 2003. Gary was previously employed by the City of Unionville since June of 1983. He currently holds an “A” level Water Operator Certification, “A” level Wastewater Certification, and a “DSIII” Distribution Certification. Gary is also a graduate of the National Rural Waters Water University Study Course. Gary has previously been honored as “Water Operator of the Year” from both the Northeast Region of the Missouri Water and Wastewater Conference and the Missouri Rural Water Association. Since March of 2003, Gary has worked in MRWA’s Sourcewater Protection, Water Training, and Wastewater Technical Assistance Programs. He has conducted training classes for operators and provides on-site assistance to water and wastewater utilities across Missouri.

Barry Barnes

Wastewater Technician

Barry Barnes, one of MRWA’s Wastewater Technicians, joined the staff of MRWA in June of 2022. Barry was previously employed by the City’s of Summersville and Eminence. He currently holds a  WW-B Certification and a DS-II Certification. Contact Barry with any questions regarding wastewater issues.

Justin Griffin

EPA Wastewater Quality Action Specialist

Justin “Grif” Griffin embarked on his career in the water/wastewater industry in 2007 at the City of Brookfield water treatment plant. After gaining experience, he transitioned to Brookfield’s distribution and wastewater systems. By 2016, Justin had been promoted to the position of Chief Operator at the wastewater plant, where he played a crucial role in opening Brookfield’s new wastewater plant. In 2023, Justin accepted a position as an Environmental Program Analyst for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources where he was involved in system inspections. Justin’s certifications include DS-II, DW-C, and WW-A. In February 2024, Justin joined MRWA in February 2024 further expanding his impact and reach in the water/wastewater industry.

Contact Justin with questions regarding wastewater.

Matt Marshall

Decentralized Wastewater Specialist

Matt joined the MRWA team in January 2024. He began his career in the water/wastewater industry in 2004 as a laborer and heavy equipment operator for a construction company specializing in water/wastewater. In 2012 he was employed by the City of Poplar Bluff Municipal Utilities’ distribution department. Three years in Municipal Utilities, Matt transferred to the wastewater treatment plant as an operator and was later promoted to foreman. He has also owned his own compliance and remediation company and was a contract operator for the city of Neelyville. He currently holds WW-A and DS-III certifications.

Contact Matt with questions regarding wastewater.

MRWA Technical and Service Staff

The technical and service staff are responsible for special services and projects. Please click to email, or call MRWA at 800-232-6792, to discuss any mapping, training, or special service project needs that you may have.

Brandon Decker

GIS Mapping Specialist

Brandon joined the Staff of MRWA in November of 2022.  Prior to his employment with MRWA, Brandon served as Water Superintendent for Butler County PWSD #2 out of Qulin, MO, and also assisted the City of Qulin where his wife is currently the City Clerk.  Contact Brandon with any questions pertaining to GIS and the GIS Mapping of your Water and Wastewater Systems.

Klark Bohling

Sourcewater Protection Specialist

Klark comes to MRWA with 31 years of experience in the water/wastewater industry. Prior to joining the MRWA team in August 2021, his roles during those years spanned from an equipment operator constructing water and wastewater systems across Missouri to Water/Wastewater Superintendent and Public Works Director for the City of Cole Camp. He has won both MRWA Water Operator of the Year (2013) and MRWA Wastewater Operator of the Year (2017) Awards and holds DS-III, DW-D, and WW-B certifications.

Contact Klark for:

  • Sourcewater Training
  • Mediation assistance in Sourcewater areas

Michael Bertschinger

Energy Efficiency Circuit Rider

Michael started in the water industry in 2001 as an equipment operator for a heavy construction company working with public water systems. He obtained an Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems installer license through the state of Missouri in 2004. In 2007 he accepted the position of Vice President and continued to estimate and manage civil projects until he took the position of City Supervisor for the City of Auxvasse in 2014. Joining the MRWA team in 2022, Michael looks forward to utilizing his knowledge base to assist rural systems and to expand his own learning through their experiences.

Contact Michael with questions regarding energy audits, energy conservation, and energy efficiency.

Legislative Watch: Stay up to date on the latest bills of interest MRWA is tracking.